If you keep up with what we do here at TechNutty then you will know that we have been holding a Mass Effect 3 competition for a couple of weeks now, well I’m sorry if you only just found out as that competition is now over, the votes weren’t counted but the random result is in.

And the winner of the TechNutty Mass Effect  Competition is Hannah Lee!!!

Congrats Hannah, we have just sent you an e-mail from the punchtab client which you should have already seen by now, please make sure that you respond to that e-mail within 24 hours or we will have to give the prize away to one of our other participants, we would like to add a huge thank you to all of our applicants over the course of this competition, you are defiantly what makes TechNutty great, be sure to keep it locked to TechNutty for lots more news reviews and giveaways.

Also if you are already iching for something new to enter, Playfire are now hosting their own comp, where you could win $1000 worth of gaming goodies!!

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