An IndieGoGo campaign has caught my eye today, called the Wise Button it is a universal remote that hasn’t been designed for your TV or HiFi, but in fact for your smartphone, tablet, iPod, MP3 player or even your computer, compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone, the remote control has been designed to be attached to your keys and can be used to track devices if you lose them.

The Wise Button will allow you to browse through your photo gallery, video files and even websites without actually touching the device you wish to control, and when connected to a computer you can even use it to browse through presentations, or at any point use the in-built camera to take pictures, film videos or even record sound remotely.

You can check out the Wise Button at the link below, the developers are trying to raise $37,000 in order to get the device into production, with prices starting at $27.

Source Indiegogo

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