Keys are something that is an annoyance in a lot of people’s lifes, you lose them, you spend hours looking for them, only to find that they are right by the door, or something stupid like that.

There have been a number of products released to help you with this, but not many are quite as smart as the product that we are reviewing today.

Wistiki Voila review 5

Called the Wistiki Voila, it is a key tracker (funded through Indiegogo) that allows you to find and track not only your keys but also your phone, it does this through a companion application on iOS and Android over a Bluetooth connection.

The Voila itself is a USB stick-esk device that was designed by the iconic designer, Philippe Stark. It is sized at 6.5cm long, 0.6cm wide and 2.2cm across.

At the top, there’s a hole that allows you to attach it to a keyring, and then at the bottom there’s a small coloured transparent plastic section that covers the board.

This section can be coloured in one of four colours, the one that we reviewed was orange, but you can also get it in purple, pink or yellow.

Inside of the device, there’s also a battery that Wistiki says will last up to three years. That means that you don’t have to worry about the battery running out, or having to purchase a new one for it.

Wistiki Voila review 2

The interesting part is that right from the get-go you notice the attention to detail from Wistiki, featuring a sleek packaging design that certainly makes the Voila an event to open.

This goes right down to the User Guide, which slides out of the bottom. This user guide is really easy to understand, thankfully it’s not some overdone guide and features easy to understand images.

This process is simply to download the app on your smartphone, and follow the instructions, it’s really as easy as that.


On you have set it up, you are ready to use the Voila to track your phone or keys easily.

Press the bottom on the front of the Voila and your phone will sound out a bell for about 3 seconds (even when it’s on vibrate only), or you can press the ring button on the app for the Voila to the ring.

On the app, you also have some tracking features that allows you to track your keys around positions on a map, as well as a hot/cold bar that changes as you get closer to your keys.

The Voila also has a range of around 300 feet, so you can communicate with it from quite far away, however, as the app does track the Voila’s last known position, it is possible to track your keys from outside of that range.

The interesting thing is if you do lose your keys then the Voila will automatically search for other Voila users, and notify them via their app if they should pass in the vicinity of your keys. If this happens you will then be able to open up a chat with that user to get your keys back.

Of course, that only works as long as a number of people use the Voila tracker.

Wistiki Voila review 4

The Wistiki Voila is now available from Wistiki’s website for 49 Euros, which is around £41 at the time of writing (with Brexit this might fluctuate). They will also be offering other designs later this year, including Aha for tracking your pets, and another credit card like version for tracking larger objects like your car.

If you lose your keys a lot, or just want some added security then I would definitely recommend picking up the Wistiki Voila, it’s easy to use, intuitive and works just as you would want it to.

That’s not to say it is without problems, but I would say the only one that is really a problem is that it is rather large, which can make it annoying in your pocket. But the amount of advantages that the Voila has makes it quite the promising product.

Disclosure: Wistiki sent us a sample of the Voila for the purposes of this review.

Wistiki Voila tracker review
4.4A fantastic product that makes life a lot easier, if you lose your keys a lot this is a must-have, however, It would be better if it was smaller.
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