BT has today revealed to ISPreview that it will be kicking off trails for its broadband technology in August, which it aims to use in order to introduce up to 500Mbps ultrafast broadband speeds throughout the UK in the new future.

BT says that it will roll out the new technology in the UK from 2016, with the aim to reach “most homes” within 10 years, enabling users to reach speeds of up to 500Mbps, although most will be capped at 300Mbps.

This is because the speed you get is directly related to how close the hardware required to deliver the speeds is to the customer’s business or home.

The technology will work in a similar way to how Openreach’s current 80Mbps service works, however in order to get to work it does need more radio spectrum and shorter runs of copper cable, with a reported ideal limit of 350m, which may mean Openreach will need to install more street cabinets.

The trail of the new technology will Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire next month, available for free to all participants, with a number of internet service providers in the area being invited to take part now.

BT also plans to trail its 1Gbps ultrafast broadband technologies, coming alongside Virgin Media’s current trail of its own 1Gbps ultrafast broadband, which kicked off near Cambridge at the end of 2014.

Source: ISPreview

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