LG has been using webOS in their Smart TVs for some time now, and now if rumours are true they may be using it in smartwatches too.

These rumours come from the tech website The Verge, who claim to have discover a new developer website which teases a new SDK for the webOS smartwatch that is said to be revealed.

If it is revealed it will join a number of other smartwatches that LG has on the market, but it will be the first of those not to run on Google’s smartwatch OS, Android Wear.

This comes at a time when a lot of companies are choosing to run their own software on their own device, with companies like Samsung opting for their own Tizen alternative it it’s watches and some of its smartphones.

However as of yet we don’t have anything too official on the release of a webOS smartwatch from LG, and the developer page that was found has since been removed, now showing a 403 Forbidden error.

You can have a go for yourself at the source link below.

Source: LG

Via: The Verge

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