For around a year now it has become popular knowledge that today’s date 21/12/12 would be the very date that our planet comes to an end via one of many different and opinionated versions of our demise.

The Mayan Calendar ended today, which was the reason some people believed the ancient Maayan’s predicted the world’s end, which some believe it could be a zombie infestation or even a reckoning from Jesus, however it was proven a long, long time ago that this would not in fact come true as the Mayan Calendar doesn’t even predict the world’s end today, not even referencing the date on a single part of their calendar, in fact the calendar still goes on for days from now.

If you are going to believe any predictions however, it’s probably best to stick with the science type ones, like NASA for instance who today posted a dedicated page explaining why the world will not end today and answer some of the questions a few believers have been suggesting over the last few months, check that here.

So all in all, the world has not come to an end, sorry folks and enjoy your weekend :).

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