What is apparently the world’s largest iPhone dock was announced earlier today, dubbed the Wall of Sound 2.0 it measures 1000mm tall x 1700mm wide x 400mm thick and weighs 178kg.

Alongside which the Wall of Sound 2.0 will be replacing the original Wall of Sound that was launched back in 2009 and features more speakers than the original version, featuring a tube amplifier and individually built chambers for the speakers.

There’s also a small monkey head included that will tell the user if they are playing music to loud, at normal volume the monkey will do nothing and will have blue glowing eyes, if the volume is too high the monkey’s eyes will turn golden, after which it will turn red and the monkey’s head will pop, turning the music off completely.

The user will then have to replace the monkey’s head in order for the speaker to be used again, something that has been added to help prevent damage to ears and property.

Something that could be due to the fact that The Wall of Sound 2.0 is capable of a massive 8,000 watts, with a total of 44 speakers.

However for that you will need some spare cash as it will cost $6,900.

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