During this years IFA Trade Show we seen a lot of new HDTVs announced, but for the full experience you defiantly want some kind of media player, which is where the Dune HD Connect comes in, which turns your everyday HDTV into a smart TV, with internet access and app support.

The Dune HD Connect will plug into your HDMI socket, and will stream content from home networks via the Connect’s built-in Wi-Fi, and will support various media formats all in Dull 1080p HD quality.

Aside from streaming, there’s also a microSD slot and USB port which can stream media content stored on the stick you plug-in, and that’s not all there’s also aa 3D version of the connect to bring all the same features but in 3D.

The Dune HD Connect and Connect 3D will be available to buy before the end of year, for a price we don’t know just yet.

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