When you have something so portable, you expect its accessories to be portable too, but the thing is there’s always the one accessory that tends to get in the way too often, and that is the laptop charger, which always come in a bulky block, that’s heavy to carry and hard to transport.

A group of MIT graduates have this week teamed up to fix this however, launching their own Kickstarter project for a new portable laptop charger called the Dart.

Claiming to be the world’s smallest laptop charger, the Dart can power a 65 watt laptop and a mobile at the same time, using both a laptop charging port and a USB port for the mobile.

To do this, the team of graduates worked to increase the switching frequency of the charger, using patented technology called a Very High Frequency Power Conversion, which brings 1000 times faster switching power when compared to a conventional charger, however it won’t charge any faster than a normal charger.

Dart will be ready to work with smaller laptops like the MacBook Air or a range of Ultrabooks, and won’t be compatible with any of the MacBook Pro’s or similar sized laptops, hopefully that might change in the future however.

You can back the project today from $89 to get your own Dart, featuring a 6-foot cable, and a design that comes in Blue, Magenta, Silver, Gunmetal or Orange.

Check out the video below for a quick look.

Source: Kickstarter

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