If you are fed up with the fixed lenses on the iPhone 7 then you are probably looking for some way to expand those lenses on your iPhone.

One new way to do this is with a crowdfunding project that was launched on Kickstarter this week.

Called the WOW Lens Case, it is a case that fits onto the iPhone 7 and expands it with a Macro, Wide Angled, Polarised Neutral Density and Cameo Optic that are easily accessible and swappable right from the case itself, simple rotate them around the section of the case when you need them, that’s it. No fiddling with taking lens attachments on or off, no lenses to lose, and no lenses to remember.

Check out the video below for a quick look at the new iPhone case and be sure to hit up the source link below that to find out more and to back the project if you are interested in it.

Source: Kickstarter

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