Apple has typically had one more thing at all WWDC conferences, and this year it is no difference, this year hosting the announcement of the highly anticipated and expected release of Apple Music.

To introduce this Tim Cook brought in Jimmy Iovine, who they recently hired after the acquisition of Beats from Jimmy and Dre.

Jimmy says that Apple aims to cut the fragmentation that currently exists with streaming services, creating one complete service that allows users to access their music in a simple yet elegant manner with Apple Music.


Apple wants this service to be accessible to all, not just the big artists, but the kids in their bedrooms and basically anyone else that is excepted by Apple.

Apple can do this by allowing users to stream the entirety of the iTunes Music collection with Apple Music, and even their own dedicated radio stations that allow users to stream music stations right from the service, with access to stations like Beats1 (hosted by Zane Lowe, the reason for their recent hiring of Zane), this is all available live 24/7 globally, that is broadcasts from 3 cities which includes New York, Las Angeles and London, all playing music that Apple says is great.

Apple Music will also be accessible right from the Music application right from your iPhone.


There is also feature within Apple Music called connect that allows users and artists to connect with each other, allowing artists to upload photos, lyrics and mix tapes with their fans, all from the own individual pages.

These posts can then be liked and commented on by users. This is conjoined with a feature called For You, that includes recommendations for the user.

There’s also a new tab that shows all the new additions to the platform, with recommendations for albums and playlists from experts.


This will also link with Siri, allowing you to play any song from the Apple Music platform with Siri, or from a specific genre or from a specific genre such as “play the top 10 songs from alternative”, all from a voice command.

And users can even watch music videos on the platform without having the watch ads.

Apple Music will launch on June 30th in other 100 countries for iOS, Mac, Windows and even Android for $9.99 a month in the US, with a free trail for the first 3 months, and they will also be offering a $14.99 package to allow families of up to 6 people to share the same subscription, but with their own account.

And you don’t need to subscribe to the service to access the connect feature, or to listen to the Beats 1 radio station.

As of yet there’s no pricing announcement for any regions outside of the U.S.

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