This year the Apple rumors have been as crazy as usual, with various rumors for all sorts of products Apple may release later on in the year. The biggest of all of these rumors is the iTV which is one thing I am not to sure we will see this year but there is a small possibility we might.

But the most reoccurring rumors are of course to do with the new iPhone, which we have seen a lot of leaked photos of lately, but does this mean that it will be released in a couple of days? Alongside the iPhone we have also heard a lot about the possibility of Apple releasing new macs with Retina displays built-in, alongside the release of iOS 6.

But as always these are all just rumors, so we are going to have to wait a little longer for the truth, but thankfully not to long as Apples WWDC 2012 event is just two days away!

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  • 6 PM London time
  • 1 PM New York City
  • 12 PM Chicago
  • 11 AM Denver
  • 10 AM Los Angeles
  • 2 AM (June 12) Tokyo

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