According to rumors surfacing on the net, Microsoft will be reverting t the original name of their games console that was first released 11 years ago, simply named the “Xbox”. Alongside which rumors also suggest that a number of devices will also be released carrying the “X” branding including a 7-inch gaming tablet.

For which rumors suggest the device will be released as a standalone portable gaming system not a Windows 8 or Windows RT device, and will be able to access games, music and video hubs much like the new Xbox applications available on the new Windows 8 OS.

The X-Surface has no real technical specifications revealed but an anonymous source claims he/she, “witnessed Unreal Engine 3 demos running at a solid 60fps” alongside which rumors also suggest the device will include a 2.4GHz wireless protocol for compatibility with Xbox 360 controllers.

We have already heard that Microsoft will be working with AMD for the graphics and central processors, the CPU is also rumored to be 8-core running at 1.9GHz and the graphics will be a 800MHz GPU.

Obviously there’s nothing official yet, but we should here more towards E3.

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