Earlier this week Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One would be getting a range of new performance features with the upcoming creators update, along with a new interface and Beam integration, however, they did not provide us with a look at that new dashboard.

Today we have got a look at that new Guide update, which is thanks to the Xbox exec Mike Ybarra, who showed a quick look at the faster and more feature-full Guide during his Beam stream.

You can see it in the image above or by heading over to his Beam stream, he shows it at around 10:25.

The interface will allow you to jump to recently accessed games and apps right from the Guide, with quick access to recording options for video clips, and easy navigation to the Xbox Store, your game library, and Xbox Home.

The Xbox Home option is particularly important because with this update the Xbox Guide will pop out after a single Xbox button press, rather than the previous double-tap method.

This has been done in an effort to make access to the sidebar much faster than what it was previously, which was notoriously slow.

It’s also particularly interesting because it shows that Microsoft is reconsidering their focus on the Xbox One dashboard, bringing more features back to the Guide.

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