[UPDATE] Microsoft have now confirmed to GameSpot that the service was not hacked:

“Xbox Live has not been hacked, Microsoft can confirm that there has been no breach to the security of our Xbox Live service.”

If you were just on Xbox LIVE, like I was you may have noticed that it’s currently impossible to sign into an account, with test connection failing to secure an internet connection, well just after which a hacker by the name of Reckz0r posted the following Tweet:


Alongside which, the hacker also reportedly posted a list of user account information that included both their email and their password in a 6.12GB file, all of which posted in a nickname;email;password;join date format.

If true this could leave over 48 million user accounts exposed, however as of yet their has been no confirmation from Microsoft about this issue.

UPDATE:  Apparently this issue is just for  Virgin Media customers, but the Xbox Support Twitter account has said that they are working on it:

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