Whoops, Xbox Live Rewards may have just revealed HTCs newest smartphone, the Titan III in the latest monthly questionnaire which asked users how excited they would be to receive one of the following gifts, which included devices ranging from the iPhone 5, Droid Razr Maxx HD, Lumia 920 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

But that wasn’t all as the list also included a phone that has yet to be released the Titan III, which could just be a typo but as said in the Techradar article it seems unlikely for the Titan II to be included in a Christmas gift list when it was released earlier last year, and it would make more sense for the company to add one of the newer smartphones from the HTC lineup like the 8X or 8S.

As usual TechRadar e-mailed HTC for a comment and as always they replied at the fact they cannot comment on rumors and speculation.

So looks like there’s nothing official coming anytime soon, but if we hear anything soon we will let you know.

Via: TechRadar

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