OXM has today received new details from Microsoft on their plans to completely overhaul Xbox Live with a new reputation system that will track players, separating those who commit misbehaviour in their own lobbies when online.

This will mean that players who just want to play the game will not have to deal with the many trolls across the service.

“There’s a lot of folks, a lot of our core consumers who just want to basically kick back and stay in touch with some of their old college buddies,” Mark Lavin said in his statement to OXM. “That’s cool, and Party Chat today and our Party system is leaps and bounds ahead of competitors, from the standpoint of just being able to isolate yourself and cross-game chat.”

“But the problem we see is that this fragments voice communication within games. It’s very difficult, because if you’re isolated in Party Chat, you’re leaving everybody else behind.”

With this new system, Microsoft aims to join players together once more when playing online.

“What we’re looking at doing is creating a very robust system around reputation and match-making, If people are in your friends list, we’re not touching that, we’re just making it easier for you to come together.”

“There’ll be very good things that happen to people that just play their games and are good participants. And you’ll start to see some effects if you continue to play bad or, or harass other people en masse. You’ll probably end up starting to play more with other people that are more similar to you.”

It sounds like a pretty good idea too me, and it gets better at the end of the statement, where Lavin notes that the system will be exploitation proof, “Let’s just be clear, there is no way at all that a conglomerate of people can conspire to sink your Reputation on the system. The way that it’s built fundamentally stops that. It’s very much over a period of time – if we see consistently that people, for instance, don’t like playing with you, that you’re consistently blocked, that you’re the subject of enforcement actions because you’re sending naked pictures of yourself to people that don’t want naked pictures of you… Blatant things like that have the ability to quickly reduce your Reputation score.”

Source: OXM

Image Via: Keep-calm-o-matic

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