Amazon has had a little slip up today, revealing a new Media Remote control that is said to launch on March 4th 2014 for the Xbox One.

The listing was quickly took down from Amazon’s Canadian website, but thanks to caching we can still see the fail that was the early release, which shows a listing revealing both the look of the remote in images and that aforementioned release date.

The listing also shown a price, listing the remote at $22 in the US.

Aside from that, they didn’t add anything about the remotes actual features, although you can guess that it will offer similar features to that of the Xbox 360 media remote, just in a smaller and much sleeker design.

Looking at the images however, we can see a set of directional buttons, what we think are volume up/down and channel up/down buttons, an Xbox Home button, a start button, select button and the usual mute, prevs, next and play/pause buttons.

Check it out for yourself at the source link below.

Via: WP Central

Source: Amazon Canada (Google Cache)

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