Recently Microsoft revealed the next console in the Xbox line-up. Called the Xbox One S, they released the 2TB version earlier this month, leaving the 1TB and 500GB versions for a release at a later point.

Despite that, some websites have already released their reviews for the console, confirming their views, and providing you with the information that you need before you make that purchase.

We have collected all of those reviews and placed them below for you, check them out:

The Verge – 8.1/10

“There’s only one thing that breaks this logic loop: this is a console for people who just can’t wait. Maybe you just can’t wait for 4K Blu-ray. Or maybe your new HDR-ready TV won’t feel worthwhile until it’s playing HDR games. Or maybe you just can’t wait to get rid of that ugly black box under your TV.”

Read their review here.

EnGadget – 85/100

“Thanks to new software, more compact hardware and an excellent pack-in controller, the Xbox One S feels like a worthy successor to the older Xbox 360. If you already have an Xbox One, however, there’s little reason to upgrade unless you’re also planning on buying a 4K TV (or already own one).”

Read their review here.

Gamespot – (no score)

“If you’ve been on the fence about the Xbox One or have been waiting for the bugs to be ironed out and the library to mature, the Xbox One S makes it a great time to jump on board. It’s slim, is the only model that can be outfitted with a 2TB HDD, is priced fairly, and offers the aforementioned video features. If you don’t care about all that, and just want to play Xbox One games, then I’d actually recommend the original Xbox One over the S. Its 500GB SKU retails for $250, which is $50 less than the comparable S model.”

Read their review here.

CNET – 4/5

“Under most circumstances, no, you don’t need to buy an Xbox One S. If you already own an Xbox One or even plan to wait for whatever Project Scorpio winds up being, it’s tough to rationalize a purchase. If you’re looking to enter the Xbox One space and you don’t feel like waiting a year or more for Project Scorpio, an Xbox One S might be the right purchase for you as long as you have or plan to get a 4K TV. If a 4K TV isn’t in your future, you may want to look at the original Xbox One. It’s already as low as $250, £250, or AU$500 and it’s entirely possible Microsoft will drive the price even lower if it’s looking to sunset the model and clear out remaining inventory.”

Read their review here.

Eurogamer – (no score)

“The 4K offering may be somewhat under-developed at the moment, but it’s an interesting, genuinely useful addition for those that want it. Meanwhile, the GPU overclock is the sort of additional feature that isn’t going to provide any kind of game-changing experience, but is likely to find appeal with a core gamer perhaps on the fence about making the upgrade. It would have been child’s play for Microsoft to disable the higher clocks on non-HDR titles (in the same way that PlayStation Neo does when running vanilla PS4 games, based on the leaked docs), but instead it chose to allow the feature to work with everything.

Combine that with a fresh new look that clears out the final vestiges of Xbox One’s disastrous set-top box aspirations and then factor in an improved version of an already impressive controller and the Xbox One S comes across as an excellent new hardware revision. Aside from being a touch louder, it’s a substantial improvement over the original launch console in almost every way. It’s still an Xbox One of course, so don’t go in expecting a radically refreshed piece of hardware – but it may well be the best console revision we’ve seen to date.”

Read their review here.

Gizmodo – (no score)

“If you look at what it would cost to get all of the new amenities from other gadgets, the new Xbox One’s price starts to look damn reasonable. It’s a $250 original Xbox One, plus a $120 Roku 4 plus a $320-$700 UltraHD Blu-Ray player. That’s a minimum $690 worth of very nice hardware packed into a relatively small box. It’s almost—practically—a steal. What makes it a Nice Buy rather than a Must Buy is the looming Project Scorpio upgrade that will be here next year, complete with 4K, and HDR, and VR and almost certainly with some other random combination of letters and numbers that mean something.”

Read their review here.

PC World – 4/5

“For PC fans who already happen to own an Xbox One and don’t own a 4K TV, I’d say to hold onto your money and wait for Project Scorpio in 18 months. By then, 4K TVs should be even more advanced and potentially cheaper, and in the meanwhile you can still play whatever console exclusives you love on the original Xbox One.”

Read their review here.

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