Microsoft today revealed a bunch of new details for upcoming features for the Xbox One, confirming that back backwards compatibility and that new Windows 10 dashboard will be making its way to Xbox One in November.

With these updates you will not only get the great benefits of Windows 10 that includes DirectX12, Cortana and much more, but also a redesigned interface that many have already rated highly.

With backwards compatibility you will also be able to replay your Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.

Microsoft today revealed that the backwards compatibility line up will also be expanded, with all future Games with Gold titles for the Xbox 360 being made available for the Xbox One.

And if you have a Xbox One-compatible tuner and an external hard drive, Microsoft also announced that they will be adding the ability to record over-the-air broadcasts, that feature won’t roll out till 2016 however.


Xbox One Chatpad

Finally Microsoft unveiled a brand new chatpad adapter for its Xbox One console, allowing for quick and easy chatting, messaging and searching without having to press the controller buttons repeatedly, or shout at the Kinect in a number of accents trying to get it to recognise the words “send message”.

It is available to pre-order now and comes with two programmable buttons that can be used to access various system features like taking a screenshot.


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