Microsoft announced that Windows 10 based apps will be accessible on the Xbox One console at their Build developers conference last year.

As of yet, we have not seen these apps make these way to the platform, despite the recent Windows 10 update back in November.

That said, it does seem that Microsoft does still aim to launch these applications on the Xbox One platform, as the company has this week revealed that they plan to launch full Windows 10 apps on the Xbox One this summer.

This is as according to Business Insider, who have said that Microsoft made this announcement at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week.

It is also said that with this, the Xbox Store and Windows Store for apps and content will be merged into one, alongside which the united app platform will also mean that developers will be able to develop apps for one platform.

This also means that they will be able to access more users than ever, and could even mean that apps like social media, messaging, music, video and streaming apps could make their way to the console, however, it is unclear if it will be exactly like a PC, or if it could run apps like Microsoft Office for instance.

We should hear more during Microsoft’s Build developer conference this year, which is set to kick off on March 30th.

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