Maplin has today dropped the price of the Xbox One to match that of Sony’s PlayStation 4, reducing the cost of the console to £349.99 with free delivery, which is a huge drop from the previous price of £450.

This matches a number of cuts that we have seen from a number of retailers and Microsoft, but is the first time we have seen the console priced so cheaply, and likely marks the start of a number of similar price drops.

In case you didn’t know, the Xbox One is features an AMD Jaguar 8 core processor, as well as a GPU that has been built to work with DirectX 11 graphics, alongside 32MB of high bandwidth embedded ESRAM and 8GB of RAM inside.

With all that it is able to play a ton of awesome new games like Titanfall.

THere’s no details on whether the price drop will be permanent or just one that will last a limited time, so if you have been holding off for a price drop, you should probably get to picking it up.

Source: IGN


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