As you may know last week XDA China leaked some screenshots of HTC’s latest Sense UI, more recently though they revealed a HTC Sense teaser video, the clip lasts around 5 minutes and shows of the upcoming version od the latest HTC Sense running on a HTC Bliss, which is expected to be launched in September.

The first thing I noticed was the old three-button launch bar that is normally at the bottom of the screen has been replaced with just two buttons, one of which is sort of like an app drawer, the other being the phone, alongside this there is also a new way to add and remove home screens, by simply dragging it to the trash.

I am a big fan of HTC Sense as I feel the UI is probably the best one around at the moment, but I am not to sure about the 3.5 update, ass there are a few much needed tweaks, there is nothing excitable, nothing to get me on the edge of my seat and running to the nearest phone shop.

What do you think? Do you like the new 3.5 update? Do you think this is the 3.5 update?

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