The Xi3 Corporation who were originally thought to be making the Steam console has today posted a teaser that reveals an announcement for later today. Looking at the invite the headline “The wait is over”, could mean that the company may be gearing up to announce the Xi3 Piston Console that they were showing off at this years E3 expo.

Expected to use the new SteamOS and be fully compatible with the new Steam Controller, the mini console is said to be a lightweight system to be used for PC gaming, allowing users to play Steam network games on the big screen.

However as of yet, we have not heard anything official about the console, and all this could be is an announcement that they will be joining the Steam Machines beta program.

We will just have to wait until later to see, of course as soon as we know we will update you.

As soon as the new details are released for the Xi3 Piston Console we will keep you updated.

Source: Xi3

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