The Xi3 Corporation has today announced that they will be launching their Piston gaming console on November 29th or rather Black Friday for those in the US. The Xi3 will be available sometime this Christmas for $999 and the console is currently available to pre-order on Xi3’s website.

For that price you get a sort of mini-PC that is also a gaming console, featuring a quad-core x86 based 644-bit processor with support for up to 4K resolution, 1TB of SSD storage and the ability to load a second operating onto the machine, which includes Valve’s recently announced SteamOS..

Sized at around the same size to a grapefruit and designed with an aluminum chassis and a chrome trim, the console will ship with pre-loaded games, but as of yet there’s no information on those games.

We will let you know more on the console as it happens.

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