One of the first things that people set up their smart home with is LED lighting, that’s probably the first thing that you will notice when entering a smart home and that might make you a little jealous.

That’s annoying because these smart LED lights can be extremely expensive, especially LED light strips.

Thankfully, there are other cheaper options one of which we are going to review today.

This is the Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip, which is a 2-meter (around 6 ft) strip of LEDs that can be controlled in a similar way to other smart light strips, but over Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect to the light strip and control them remotely from your phone or from another compatible device, like Home Assistant (tutorial for that here).

But what makes these particularly interesting is actually the price, which is around just £23 on Gearbest.

Despite that, the strip features fantastic attention to detail, build quality, and overall features, and you notice that right from the packaging, which is sleek and actually quite similar to the packaging like what Apple provides. Pop the box open and you are greeted with the strip itself which is neatly wrapped up and sits above the power lead and remote.

Unfortunately, the version that we got was designed for the US market so it did require a UK adapter, however, Gearbest did kindly include one.

Getting them setup is pretty easy, plug them in, download the Yeelight app on your iPhone and then follow the instructions that are shown in that app, which include to type in your WiFi details, pick a server location (Mainland China or Singapore) and then to connect to the Yeelight’s Wi-Fi connection to send those details over.

And that’s it you’re ready to control your new lights from the app.

Tthe strip has support for 16 million colours with the RGB LEDs, all of which are shown quite brightly at 140 when at full brightness, allowing you to light up your space with a range of colours and over a large space.

Just load up the app and then you will find functions to turn the lights on or off, change the colour of the light, set the colour to flow through your own selection, and even get the lights to change according to music playback, however, the latter doesn’t work as well, unfortunately.

You can also set schedules for your strip, set some preset scenes and even favourite colours for quick access.

And you can put the strip pretty much anywhere thanks to its flexible design that allows it to curved around corners easily, and if you need to edit the size, there are spots on the strip that you can cut and adhesive backing strips on the back that make it easy to attach it to your zone.

Oh, and they even have an IP-65 rating with a rubberized coating over the electrical contacts, meaning they are resistant to water.

And that’s not all, the Yeelight strip also has fantastic third-party support.

We mentioned that it worked with Home Assistant earlier, but that’s not all. It also has full Alexa certification for support for Amazon Alexa system like the Echo, as well as support for IFTTT, which means it will work with pretty much anything.

To finish up, we would definitely recommend that you pick up Xiaomi’s Yeelight LED strip if you are interested.

This strip is so cheap that it is a bit of a steal, has a great design that means it will fit in with the rest of your home, and it has fantastic build quality with huge attention to detail.

It is lacking a few features, there are no separate white lights like you will find on the strip and it requires a Wi-Fi connection instead of using something like Z-Wave or Zigbee, however, for just over £20 it is pretty fantastic.

Pick up the Xiaomi Yeelight LED light strip from Gearbest for £23.

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