If you’re looking for a backup power device for your smartphone with a great design, than the Xoopar Robo Power Bank is defiantly for you.

This robo charging machine will easily charge any of your smartphone, GPS or digital camera devices with its range of adaptors that can plug into a wide range of devices.

Each arm and leg on the Robo Power Bank packs a different charger, and includes a 30-pin connector (under the head), Micro USB and Mini USB as well as a USB female connection allowing you to charge more or less anything that does so through a USB cable.

The power this device gives out is pretty good too with a 2000mA rechargeable battery, the device will recharge via the Robot’s foot, which is always handy as no extra cables are needed when your out and about.

And if you just want to set your robot in funny poses you can do to as each appendage is fully adjustable, allowing you to twist and bend its arms and legs in any shape you desire.

The great thing is how portable this thing is, measuring in at just 120 × 50 × 12.6 mm, the Robo Power Bank can easily fit in any bag or pocket.

The device is also extremely light weighing in at just 60g.

The device takes about 3 and 1/5 hours to charge according to Xoopar, but we managed to charge it up a bit quicker than that during our tests.

My favourite part of the device has to be the light indicators on the front, which change according to how much battery you have left, which is really handy when trying to reserve your backup power supply.

The only problem with these lights I found was that after you press the battery check button the lights keep on flashing for a little longer than I’d like, alongside this I also felt like the battery check button was a little to easy to accidentally press when in your pocket or bag, alongside that I think the device could do with a little more power, saying that I did manage to get a max of about 1 and 3/4 charges out of the battery which is really good for a budget device.

But I did like that the device can double up as a USB hub, granting you a few extra ports when plugged into your computer.

If you want to pick up your own Robo Power Bank charger you can do from MobileFun’s website for the cool price of £23.95, whilst your there don’t forget to check out there awesome selection of iPad accessories to go with your new Robo charger.

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