If you have ever used Yahoo then you might want to read this.

This week, Yahoo revealed that data had been stolen from 500 million users of their service. The company says that the hack might have been  state-sponsored

The company says that the hack might have been  state-sponsored, and resulted in the leak of user’s personal identifiable information, as well as “unencrypted security questions and answers” according to Yahoo.

They said that this leaked information did not include any credit card data.

The parent company of Yahoo, Verizon, who had purchased the company for $4.83 billion in July said that it had “limited information and understanding of the impact” in a recent statement, adding:

“We will evaluate as the investigation continues through the lens of overall Verizon interests, including consumers, customers, shareholders and related communities.”

As soon as we hear more we will be sure to update you, in the meantime, we advise changing the password to your Yahoo account (if you have one) and any password similar to it.

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