The Conservative activist, Lottie Dexter was interviewed on Newsnight last night, promoting the governments new ‘Year of Code’ scheme.

Within the interview the so-called director for the scheme appeared on the show in order to answer some questions about ‘Year of Code’, and in to clear up the idea of the scheme to people who don’t really know what coding is.

Problem is, it turns out Dexter (the director of the scheme) is one of those people.

Revealing her lack of knowledge shortly after Paxman asked her what code meant exactly, she said that “it doesn’t mean anything to you, or indeed to me yet because I don’t know how to code”, following on to say  ”knowing how to code is crucial for so many people for getting jobs in the new economy”.

Obviously it can’t be that crucial when applying for government.

According to Dexter the £500,000 government backed scheme was set up in order to teach students how to code eCards, apps and websites, and follows on from the scheme that has already been set up in the US, mentioning that teachers or students could learn how to code any of these in just an hour, but failing to actually do so for herself before the interview.

Check out the video below to watch the full event unfold, you can also find out more about the campaign on their website.

Via: The Inquirer

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