One of the most innovative smartphones around is the YotaPhone 2, which not only features a normal display on the front but also an E-Ink display on the back.

Set to be officially debuted at a event on December 3rd in London for invited members of the press.

You may think this might be strange if you have been listening out for the smartphone over the last few months, as prototype models of the device has been available to select journalists earlier this year.

We presume that the version that the company will be unveiling on December 3rd will however be a more fully-featured smartphone with more core features than the previous generation, including a touch sensitive e-ink display and the ability to handle core functions better like calls, texts, emails and more.

However the biggest feature will be the battery life, which is sure to be impressive due to the fact that the E-Ink display can be used to still access features of the smartphone but without having to waste power on an LCD panel.

As the image that was included in Tweet that the company sent out looks pretty much the same as the original version we seen, we assume that the design will be pretty much the same when announced, however for all the specs, features and design we will have to wait until the event on December 3rd.

We will let you know when we find out more.

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