Twitch and Microsoft have today announced something interesting to do with the recently launched Rise of The Tomb Raider game, announcing two new interactive features that players can access within the game and within the Twitch Xbox One app.

Basically any Xbox One gamer that watches Rise of the Tomb Raider on the Xbox One Twitch app will receive rewards as that streamer completes certain tasks within the game, and if that streamer users Expedition Mode they will be able to allow their viewers to interact with the gameplay at certain points during the story.

Twitch explained more about it in the following press release:

Gamers who tune in to watch Rise of the Tomb Raider being played via the Twitch application on Xbox One will be rewarded with gifts for viewing someone complete a special event in the single-player game. Viewer gifts of in-game credits are handed out when the player completes a side mission, challenge tomb, crypt, and other specific achievements. These rewards are redeemed using the in-game marketplace. Credits are used to purchase Expedition Card Packs, which give access to different modifiers, weapons, and outfits for use in the Expedition Modes – the all new way to play the game outside of the story campaign that includes Score Attack, Remnant Resistance and Chapter Replay.

Conversely, any fans who stream Rise of the Tomb Raider in Expedition Mode via the Twitch application on Xbox One will have the option to let their viewers impact gameplay at various points by choosing between two Expedition Cards. Once viewers make their choices and totals are tallied, whichever card receives the most votes is activated for a period of five minutes, thereby mixing up the player’s experience and making things either more challenging, easier, or just unpredictably fun.

Obviously this feature is only available on the Xbox One as of yet, since the game won’t launch on PC or PlayStation 4 until next year, however you can expect it to work similarly on those platforms too.

You can find out more about it at the source links below.

Sources: Major Nelson, Twitch

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