One of the most popular enterprise collaboration applications has this week been updated with a new and exciting feature, and that is the addition of voice calling.

Slack hopes that the addition of voice calling will help users to collaborate more and in new ways other than just typing to eachother.

Slack explained with the following:

Typing is great. We love typing. And while there are many fine ways to communicate via typing?—?messaging in channels, direct messages, and group DMs?—?today we’re officially adding calls to the mix for everyone. After months of beta testing, all Slack users everywhere can now use our calls feature. Huzzah!

With the new feature, any Slack user will be able to make a one-on-one call, however, in order to create a group call you will have to be a paid user.

This new call feature is available now for all of the Slack apps as well as in Google Chrome.

You can read more about the update at the source link below.

Source: Slack

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