If you know anything about cameras then it is likely that you have heard of the brand Zeiss before, known for creating camera lenses, they have been trusted by professionals for decades now.

But until today, Zeiss lenses have only been available for DSLRs and mirrorless compact system cameras, that has now changed as Zeiss has today revealed that they are teaming up with the company Fellowes to launch a set of attachable lenses for the iPhone, featuring optics made by Zeiss and the Exolens phone bracket from Fellowes, which fixes to the smartphone’s body via a locking mechanism, and features a tripod socket at its base.

The optics from Zeiss have been designed for the highest level of performance, with options for wide-angle, telephoto and macro lenses.

Zeiss Mutar

The wide-angle and telephoto lens use a design that Zeiss have called Mutar, which is focused at infinity, with focusing to the left of the smartphone’s camera lens.

The Mutar 2.0x telephoto lens doubles the focal length of the smartphone’s lens, which takes the iPhone’s lens to the equivalent focal length of around 60mm.

The Mutar 0.6x is the wide-angle version of the lens, which reduces the iPhone camera’s effective focal length to around 18mm.

Both of these lenses include aspheric lens elements to combat distortion, and prevent the bowing of straight lines near the edge of the lens.

Zeiss Macro

There will also be a clip-on macro lens available, offering a continuous zoom function that allows the user to fill the frame with objects between three and twelve centimetres across.

The macro lens also has a semi-transparent spacer/diffuser to allow for easier focusing when you are close up to a subject, whilst allowing light to shine on your subject evenly.

The Exolens Zeiss optics will only be available for the iPhone 6/6S/ 6 Plus/ 6S Plus in the middle of 2016 however, they do plan to launch more versions for other smartphones.


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