Some time ago (a lot of time ago) we revealed the news that Fossil will be releasing a set of wearables, but finally, after all of that time Fossil has revealed that you can now pre-order some of those smartwatches.

Shortly after their acquisition of Misfit, Fossil unveiled not only a new Android Wear smartwatch, but also the Q Wander and the Q Marshal back in March.

The Q Wander and the Q Marshal are the smartwatches that you can finally pre-order today.

Both are pretty similar to each other, featuring built-in mics/speakers, a magnetic charger, notification vibrations and an always-on display.

However, the Wander does have some style differences, with a softer from, whilst the Marshal is a little more rugged.

You will be able to pre-order both of the smartwatches from August 12th and will start shipping from August 29th.

They will start at $295.

Source: PR Newswire

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