Back at CES 2017 Lego announced the latest version of Lego that moves the company into the future.

Not only does it modernise Lego but it also aims to help teach children essential coding and electronics skills with an easy-to-use kit that allows you to build more with your Legos.

It’s called Lego Boost and will allow you to build anything from a robot up to a 3D printer via a set of new modules that allow the Legos to communicate with the companion applications on iOS and Android via an easy-to-use system that involves simply dragging and dropping code on top.

Today Lego launched the pre-order process for these new programmable Lego models ahead of its shipping date in August.

It comes alongside the other new Lego systems, Lego Mindstorms, and their WeDo platform.

It is available to pre-order in the US for $159.99 today, however, it won’t ship until August 1st.

You can find out more about Lego Boost at the source link below.

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