Back at their event about a month ago Apple announced the new Apple TV, which has been designed to bring even more functionality then it’s predecessors with more content to access, the controllers to do it with and a brand new box.

And now you can pre-order it directly from Apple from £129 for the 32GB model or £169 for the 64GB model. In the US that’s $149 or $199 respectively.

The new Apple TV comes with a focus on apps it will allow users to access a range of TV applications like HBO, Netflix or even Apple’s own iTunes services right from the set-top box, as well as allow them to play a range of games built specifically for the TV on the big screen.

And thanks to the new Apple TV remote that might actually be a decent experience, with a gyroscope, accelerometer and a range of other sensors on board, it should be sort of like playing on an iPhone that has been attached to a Wii.

Hit up the source link below to find out more about the Apple TV and pre-order one if it takes your fancy.

Source: Apple

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