Google has today launched a new way for its users to buy apps within the Google Play Store.

This new feature is pre-registering, allowing users to pre-register for an upcoming app and then pay for them when they are released, instead of buying an app on the specific launch date.

This should mean that users will be able to mark apps for download as a sort of reminder, hopefully ending the times when you might forget about an upcoming app release.

We are not so sure how useful this is in the real world however.

Google does seem to think so though, already launched the first app with the pre-register function with Glu Mobile and their new Terminator Genisys: Revolution game.


You’re about to pre-register for TERMINATOR GENISYS: REVOLUTION. Pre-registering means that you will recieve a notification on your device when the app is released. You can unregister by clicking the ‘Unregister’ button.

You can find out more at the source link below.

Source Google Play

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