If you use Sky Q and record a lot of programmes then you might be happy to know about the news that Sky revealed this week, you can now record up to 6 programmes while watching a 7th with Sky Q.

That’s pretty huge news for people who record literally everything, and since the Sky Q box has a massive 2TB of storage, you might as well take advantage of that.

Sadly, this won’t be an automatic update.

Instead, you will be prompted to make the change if you have already set a number of recordings.

You can also do it manually by heading over to settings > setup > preferences > maximum number of recordings and changing the number from 5 to 6.

The reason that Sky has made this optional is that it does come with some drawbacks.

In particular, it means that the mini image won’t show a live image or have access to split screen on Sky Sports when enabled since there are only a certain number of tuners in the box.

That said, that only happens when you are recording that number of shows.

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