Apple Music has been allowing users to share a subscription with up to 6 people for some time now, allowing users to split the charge between those users.

Now it seems that Spotify is following suit.

This comes after the streaming service announced an extension to their Family Plan, which will now allow up to six people to be on the same plan for £15 a month, allowing users to split the cost between friends or family members, on one bill, or just kit out the entire family with a subscription, without having to pay for each subscription individually, thus saving money.

All users on the Spotify Family Plan will have their own logins and accounts, allowing them to access the full Spotify Premium experience, without interrupting anyone else on the plan.

They will also be able to listen without ads and listen to music offline, just as they would with an individual plan.

However, everything will be in one single bill so you will have to work out some kind of agreement if you are looking at splitting the cost.

You can find out more at the source link.

Source: Spotify

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