Last month Sphero, the manufacturer that’s known for creating robot toys unveiled their latest robot toy – the Lightning McQueen car from the Pixar Cars series.

Today you can finally pick up that robot car toy which was created in collaboration with the Pixar animation company to make sure that it as realistic as possible, despite being scaled down.

it features animated eyes to display emotions and an animatronic mouth that moves when you communicate with it.

You can control the car from the iOS and Android companion app, which allows you to drive the car into any direction, perform drifts, take part in a pit-stop inspired mini-game, and even create your own scripts to make him do what you want with animations.

But you don’t need an app to control it, Sphero’s Lighting McQueen also features touch-sensitive panels on the roof, the bonnet, both of the side doors, and on the rear window.

You can tap any one of these to get a physical response from the car.

The front and the back of the car also features rear-facing lights that can change their brightness depending on the ambient light in your room automatically.

You can pick up the Sphero Lightning McQueen today in the UK for £299.99 from the source link below. It is also available in the US today for $299.

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