Hisense has this week announced a new and extremely cheap 65-inch ULED 4K TV for just $2,400.

And the ULED part of that is not a typo, the TV uses something new called ULED which is basically a LCD panel that has been light with LED lights, which means that there’s a higher contrast, better local dimming and a wider colour gamut.

It also has a high dynamic contrast of 1,000,000:1, with 340-zone local dimming. This should mean good black-colour variation and specifically lit LEDs that can be precisely tuned to content to avoid bleed.

It also has a colour spectrum of 108 percent NTSC.

The TV is also UHD, which means you get a 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 for that fantastically low price tag.

And Hisense isn’t done there, the TV also has backlight scanning which should mean that you get fast-moving images, something it does by filtering 12 secions of the LED backlight to eliminate any trails.

ULED should also save power.

You can pick up the Hisense 65XT910 now for £2,400.

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