Microsoft’s new feature for Windows 10 touchscreen devices, first revealed some time ago, it is now available for testing if you are a Windows Insider.

This new test will also allow you to test the Windows Ink Workspace, it currently allows you to use stylus inputs in more useful ways within Windows 10, such as placing improved sticky notes or the new sketchpad and even sketch right on the screen of any window.

There’s also a new ruler in Windows Ink, allowing to place shapes and other objects right on the screen.

To test this new feature you need to get the latest Insider preview build, for which you need to sign up to the Windows Insider program.

That’s actually quite an easy feat, just head on over to the Windows Insider website, sign in and click ‘Get Started’. Once you have signed up, load up your Windows 10 PC, open up Settings, click Update & Security and then Windows Update.

Here you just need to select Advanced Options and select ‘Get started’ under the Get Insider Preview builds section.

Once you have joined you will need to select one of the rings of preview builds, Windows Ink is currently in the ‘Fast’ ring.

If you would prefer to check it out first, you can watch the video below. Windows Ink should be launched for all in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which will launch in summer 2016.

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