The UK Government released a white paper on the BBC Charter this week, in which they set out the future for the BBC.

One of the biggest mentions that will affect you most is the closure of the “iPlayer loophole”.

This loophole basically allows anyone in the UK to watch BBC programming through BBC iPlayer for free, without having to pay the BBC licence fee.

The government announced today that this will no longer be an option as of 2017.

From then, BBC iPlayer access will be covered by the annual licence fee, and those streaming shows but not paying the fee could risk being prosecuted in the same way they could be for watching it on a TV.

Currently, the licence fee is £145.50, however, the white paper also states that the licence fee will rise over the next five years in line with inflation.

In order to secure BBC iPlayer, the white paper suggests adding a membership log-in to the service, which will not only secure the service but will also allow UK residents to access the service from Europe when on holiday.

However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

You can read more at the source link below.

Source: BBC Royal Charter White Paper


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