YouTube has today announced that it will be adding a few new features to their platform in an upcoming update, announcing a range of new features that are sure to add a range of great new features.

One of the most notable of which is the addition of 60 frames per second playback.

This new playback feature is in fact already available, launching with the release of a new clip from Metal Gear Solid 5 running at 60fps, which allows to viewer to see just how next-gen this new game is.

Other updates will also include a new tip system, the addition of fan subtitles and the addition of a new translator.

The Tip Jar will allow a video creator to allow their viewers to donate money towards a campaign from $1 to $500, and users can even link clips off to another site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to help them achieve maximum funding on the project videos that they share via YouTube.

Users will also be able to track video metrics using a new Creator Studio application.

The Translator will also allow users to add subtitles to a video, allowing them to translate for different regions.

YouTube will be rolling these features out soon, in the meantime you can check out that 60 fps video above.

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