[Update] YouTube Gaming is now live on all platforms, you can check it out now at gaming.youtube.com

Google announced that it will be launching its own stand-alone video site just for gaming back at E3 this year, ready to take on Twitch it is called YouTube Gaming.

At the announcement Google didn’t reveal a specific release date, only stating that it should launch this summer, thankfully we do have one now and that is tomorrow.

Expected to go live on the web and through a mobile app for iOS and Android, the service will bring all of YouTube’s live and recorded videos into one standalone site, allowing viewers to easily access all of the gaming content that YouTube has to offer without having to make their way through other content like vlogs or random challenges.

This news comes after Google attempted to acquire Twitch last year, but lost out the Amazon in the end.

YouTube Gaming will be their answer to this, allowing players to broadcast gaming to viewers, and allowing viewers to see content on more than 25,000 landing pages for specific games.

The search function will also prioritize games over other results, and the design of YouTube Gaming will be geared towards gaming.

The service will only be available in the US and UK at launch, when you will be able to access it right here.

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