Some of you action camera people might be happy to know that YouTube has today launched a new feature dedicated to you, now allowing users to share videos they have captured in 360 degrees on the video sharing platform.

This means that users can now upload videos that have been shoot in 360 degrees, and also playback via the YouTube Android app, which allows you to move the angle by moving the smartphone or tablet.

You can also playback the video and change the degree angle in Chrome too, within which you can move the angle with a mouse click.

When you do upload your own videos however there is a script that you need to run in order to add the right metadata to the footage, this allows the footage to display in a 360 degree angle.

Google says that this process will soon be automatic however, they also stated that playback support will also be making its way to other browsers soon.

You can check out one of the first 360 degree videos from Red Bull along with other 360-degree videos in the playlist below.

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