Back at CES 2016 in January of this year YouTube revealed their plans to begin streaming content in the high dynamic range (HDR) mode soon.

That launch date is today and YouTube has finally released this support for HDR content, allowing viewers to watch videos in HDR on compatible devices, as well as allowing YouTubers to upload their content in the HDR mode.

HDR will improve the video image quality of videos by expanding the contrast ratio and colour palette of the display, resulting in richer colours, brighter whites, deeper blocks, and more detail.

However, it is only available on a few devices at the moment. On top of that, the only HDR content that will be viewable on YouTube will be content from creators who have made videos with HDR-capable cameras, but if you are a creator who has one of those fancy new cameras them you can get them uploaded from today.

Google’s support page will provide you with more details on that.

Content that is HDR compatible will show an “HDR” badge in the player controls, which you can take advantage of from any HDR compatible display.

To give you a headset, YouTube released the following YouTube playlist:


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