From some time now Youtube’s comments have not been the best place to be, and creators often find it hard to control their comments and keep their community friendly.

Today YouTube announced some new changes to their comments, with a total of six new comment moderation tools for creators to use in order to gain more control over the conversations on their videos.

These tools include the ability to pin comments on videos so that creators can show off and promote their favourite comments up to the top. Creators will also be able to interact with commenters directly through “creator hearts” which will stand up much more than a thumbs up/down.

When creators comment on their own channel their comment will also be highlighted with their username shows “a pop of color” so that viewers know it came from the source.

To top that off, YouTube is also allowing creators to choose additional monitors, blacklist certain words, and flag inappropriate comments for review.

You can read more at the source link.

Source: YouTube Creator Blog

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