A new video by UnboxTherapy has this week been released, claiming to show off the rear plate of the iPhone 6S ahead of its announcement, it shows how Apple may have strengthened the build of the iPhone after the iPhone 6 Bendgate controversy.

The video looks at the reported iPhone 6S backplate in detail to show how it is slightly larger than the current model in length, height and thickness whilst featuring an all round thicker build.

In fact it appears to be around 67 per cent thicker that the iPhone 6’s rear plate.

Despite all this it’s actually a lot lighter than the backplate for the iPhone 6.

This joins rumours that Apple has opted to use a new material on the iPhone 6, which is suggested to be the same 7000 series aluminium that they use for the Apple Watch Sport.

Check out the video below for a quick look at the leak.

Apple is expected to officially announce the iPhone 6S and a iPhone 6S Plus at an Apple Event in September, with rumours pointing to a September 9th announcement and September 18th release date.

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