Today YouTube announced a new feature that they will be rolling out for YouTuber’s who stream on the platform, allowing them to monetize these live streams.

The new feature is called Super Chat and allows viewers to pay to pin a comment on live streams on live streams around the site.

In order to access this, you will simply need to click the dollar bill symbol in the chat window of a live stream, once you do this it will open a slider that you can move in order to set the amount that you will be sending to the YouTuber.

After that, you will be able to pin a comment to that live stream, which will be shown in a different colour then the rest of the messages that allows streamers to notice a paid message.

The more a view pays, the longer your comment will be pinned to the live stream. You will also get more characters for your message the more that you pay.

This new feature will replace Fan Funding, which was the tool that YouTube previously used to allow viewers to pay creators.

They aim for Super Chat to allow viewers to reach out to their favourite YouTubers in real time.

But it is basically a donation system with a longer shelf life, which could mean that hateful comments could be pinned to streams for long periods of time. YouTube has said that this tool is designed for viewers who are aged 18 and older, which they hope will mean that this doesn’t happen much.

That said, they are leaving it to you to moderate your own stream, using the current YouTube moderation tools to do so.

Super Chat will launch in beta today worldwide to select users, after which, it will be rolled out further on January 31st.

YouTube explained more at the source link below.

Source: YouTube

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